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Julian Camera
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Today is a difficult day in Colorado for voting rights activists, youth voters, and immigrants who fought hard to oppose Amendment 76 alongside our Campaign for Real Election Protection. In a disappointing loss, a Colorado majority voted to amend the state constitution to say “only a citizen” of the U.S. who has attained the age of 18 can vote, potentially removing the right to vote in primary elections for over 24,000 17 year-olds and opening the door for harmful barriers to the ballot box in years to come. 

We were prepared for a challenging endeavor. We knew that Colorado voters were faced with confusing, exclusionary, and intentionally deceptive ballot language that left out the true impact of the measure and the dramatic change it would have on Colorado’s election system. We are disappointed with the outcome, but even more disappointed with the Colorado politicians who helped allow outside money to deceive voters into passing a measure that would disenfranchise so many people in our state. Even though Amendment 76 passed, the requirement for citizenship voting remains the same, while thousands of young voters have been disenfranchised. 

For the Campaign for Real Election Protection, the fight continues. Our statewide coalition is committed to fight, not only against attacks on voting rights in Colorado, but for laws that embrace voting engagement in local, municipal, and statewide elections. Along with our coalition, over 28 organizations and 32 legislators have taken a stance to protect voting as a fundamental right — not a privilege that is only accessible to people with institutionalized power.

Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition will continue to fight daily for immigrant rights and works hard to protect Colorado’s immigrant communities from xenophobic narratives that fuel the hateful stream of attacks they face under this administration. 

The Student Voice Student Vote coalition will continue to center Colorado’s youth in the fight for democracy by empowering young voices to have a say in the matters that impact them.

Colorado voters, and voters nationwide, deserve explicit, clear language when they are asked to decide on an issue. The millionaire-funded Citizen Voters, Inc. PAC from Florida is using dishonest tactics in order to amend state constitutions — the driving forces of state law. As the Campaign for Real Election Protection, we are committed to working with nationwide partners to prepare for similar attacks on voting rights by Citizen Voters, Inc. and we will continue to stand hand-in-hand with immigrants — citizens or non-citizens — to overcome violence against immigrants as a political tool and the racist structures that empower hate in our country. 

We thank all the volunteers who committed their time to be a part of our campaign as well as our coalition partners, students, and endorsers who fought hard to protect our accessible voting system in Colorado. The fight will continue and we are extremely proud of our team and all they accomplished throughout our campaign.

What is Amendment 76?

76 seeks to amend the Colorado constitution by changing the language from “EVERY citizen” of the US who has attained the age of 18 can vote, to “ONLY a citizen” of the US who has attained the age of 18 can vote.


  • Colorado already has a citizenship requirement for voting.
  • The yes on 76 campaign is run and funded by an out-of-state organization called Citizen Voters, Inc. of Florida.
  • The constitution in 48 out of 50 states says “every” vs. “only.”
  • Voting fraud is so rare that it makes up 0.0024% of votes nationwide.

If passed, 76 will:

  • Take away the right for 17 year-old’s to vote in primaries.
  • Confuse citizen immigrant voters, resulting in lower voter turnout.
  • Turn out anti-immigrant voters.
  • Put a permanent restriction on who can vote in Colorado.

What you should know:

  • The main goal of 76 is voter suppression, especially among citizen immigrant and youth voters.
  • Colorado has one of the most secure and accessible election systems in the COUNTRY. 76 would take us backwards.

The anti-immigrant, anti-voter agenda of 76 has NO place in our state! Don’t allow Florida to limit who can vote in Colorado. Vote NO on Amendment 76! #VoteNo76CO

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Amendment 76 Will Set Us Back

For years, Colorado has been on the leading edge of expanding voting access across the state’s electorate. The groundbreaking victories won over the past decade to ensure a fair and representative democracy are under attack from outside interests working to use Colorado’s voters as a proving ground for nationwide voter suppression tactics.

Disenfranchise Young Voters

Currently, 17 year-old’s can vote in a primary if they will be 18 by the time of the general election — Amendment 76 would end this, disenfranchising 24,000 newly eligible voters.


Colorado has a secure election system that ensures only those who meet legal requirements can vote. Amendment 76 is opening the door for voter suppression.


Amendment 76 is a blatant attack on immigrants as it will cause confusion in immigrant communities, resulting in lower voter turnout.

Funded By Rich Outsiders

This proposal seeks to solve a problem that does not exist. Amendment 76 is funded by rich interests from outside Colorado. They want to change one word in OUR Constitution and have poured in more than $1 million to do so.

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